Filmmaker / photographer based in Paris, France.



"Hello, I'm Panagiotis Achouriotis, also known as Panos, a passionate independent filmmaker originally from Greece, now thriving in the vibrant city of Paris for the past 15 years. With an unwavering commitment to storytelling, I've immersed myself in the world of cinema since a young age.

My journey has been marked by notable achievements, including being recognized as a promising talent at the esteemed Berlinale International Film Festival and honored with the national award for Best Screenplay by the National Book Center.

The films I've produced or directed have graced screens at prestigious film festivals worldwide, captivating audiences with their compelling narratives and visual artistry. Additionally, I've lent my expertise to various television projects and collaborated on numerous feature films across Greece, Germany, and France.

Driven by a deep-seated passion for the craft, I continue to push boundaries and explore new horizons in the ever-evolving landscape of filmmaking and photography"



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My Instagram: @cinematic.walks