“ Adriana: I can never decide whether Paris is more beautiful by day or by night”

“Gil: No, you can't, you couldn't pick one. I mean I can give you a checkmate argument for each side…”

 (from the film Midnight in Paris by Woody Allen)

As an independent filmmaker living in Paris, I offer private photo sessions to individuals, couples and families.


What’s my style?
As primarily a film director, my style of photography is deeply cinematic. No problem if you don’t know how to pose, you will not have to What will happen instead is that I will direct you, like an actor. Photos will not be posed, but staged. The best way I can describe what you are going to get is like screenshots from movies.

My moto is “Never look at the camera”.

So, instead of fashion-style portraits, what you will get here is mostly "candid", natural photos in the urban environment, the real Parisian life, the small streets, the cafés, the unseen corners.

The photo session can be during the day and/or the night. I love to play with the city night lights, the sun and the shadows, the contrast, and I always try to create the most cinematic/atmospheric/moody portraits and scenes possible.

Is this only about the photos? What about history and culture?
Depending on the path and the location, my walks will also allow you to discover movie locations, listen to stories and historical facts on the movies/locations and walk through some cool hidden spots you would probably not find on your own. The goal however is always to capture the best photos possible!

Day or Night?
The eternal question. Day offers more variety, and it tends to be more joyful. For a family, daytime photos is the only option.
Night offers less options (I don’t use flash so the place must be well lit), but nighttime photos tend to be more dramatic, dark and impressive. An important thing to note is that nighttime photos are more staged than daytime, as they need more detailed preparation before each shot. That’s why I don’t recommend this for kids.

What if it rains?
To quote once more Midnight in Paris, “Paris is more beautiful when it rains”. A bit of drizzle can only make the photos more beautiful. However, in case of a rain that makes the shooting very difficult, we may reschedule, or even cancel and refund. 

What equipment do I use?
I use a mirrorless full frame Sony A7iii, one of the best cameras on the market right now, and I have a variety of prime 1.4 aperture lenses that are perfect for low light shooting, starting from very wide to telephoto. For night photography I have several led lights that I use only in extreme cases.


How many photos?
No session is the same with the next one, but no matter the package you chose, you will get a minimum of 30 photos per person, (in both color and b/w form, so 60 to 120 per person in total), sometimes more. This depends on the session, the time, and the number of locations.

What about couples?
Couples are counted as two persons, so that means double photos. We will be doing solo and/or individual.

How are the photos delivered and when?
The photos are delivered around 7 days after each session. They are in a private gallery that you can watch and download them. Uncompressed in jpeg format (there is no possibility to get the raw photos) and in full quality, ready for printing. No extra costs.


Are there any reviews from previous clients?
I am one of the most high rated photographers in France on Airbnb, with a perfect score of 5.0 stars and over 500 reviews:

How do you book it?
You can send me a message over at [email protected], or on Instagram at @cinematic.walks.
Let me know your date and your project, and I will come back to you with a personalized offer.